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14 Mar.,2023


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Golden Ratio Products

Restructures your water

With its finely contoured form, designed with the golden ratio in mind, the Cadus, with a delicate shape attuned to the principles of the golden rectangle, has a 1-liter capacity. The pitcher comes with the Flower of Life in white fired into the bottom of it and an elegant lid that covers the top. The sophisticated design enhances both the biological value and the flavor of any liquid it might contain. Besides water, the Cadus readily accepts all kinds of drinks from iced tea to fruit juices or even milk. The sophisticated design enhances both the biological value and the flavor of any liquid it might contain.

Each product is a unique piece. Small imperfections such as different dimensions to the original measurements or small bubbles are not a defect, but rather a typical feature of handmade glass products. Each product displays the logo of ND energy design which has been fired into the glass. This water pitcher does not have a handle.


Borosilicate glass, heatproof, lead, and cadmium-free.

Water Pitcher Weight: 1 lbs
Diameter of Base: 4.5 in / 11.4 cm
Height: 9 in / 22.8 cm
Capacity: 1.0 L / 34 fl oz
Production: Mouth-blown traditional workmanship from Portugal
Material: Lead-free quartz glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F

Cleaning & Use: Wash with hot soapy water. Keep your water-filled carafe out of the sunlight to limit algae growth and to prevent burns due to the prism effect the carafe may create due to the angle of the sunlight. Not designed to withstand boiling water for the glass may crack. This is not designed to withstand boiling water for the glass may crack. To remove mineral residues from your carafe you can use citric acids such as lemon water or distilled white vinegar. The Flower of Life symbol on the bottom of the carafe is durable if cared for gently.


Manufactured using traditional glass-blowing techniques
The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glass-blowing production.
There may be differences in weight within the given range.
Symbols are burnt into the glass bottom at about 600 degrees Celsius.

Biological Verification

Messbüro DI Paul Sommer
D-98533 Schleusingen.
“Water quality was measured with a biotensor. After 3 minutes in an ND carafe, there is a biologically meaningful change in the water quality according to Bovis units.”

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E. F. Braun CH-3664 Burgistein
“A considerable increase of the harmonious geometrical shapes of the frozen water crystals is noted after three minutes in an ND carafe.”


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