16 Best Artificial Flowers

15 Sep.,2022


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Nothing brightens up a room in a snap like a vase of fresh flowers. While this is great news for our gardening-inclined friends, it's not the best for those of us with self-proclaimed black thumbs. Not to worry, though, because there is a solution for those of us who are prone to killing just about every plant: faux flowers.

We're not talking about the fake flowers your grandmother used to have that collected dust. The faux flowers of today use a variety of materials and shading patterns to give them an incredibly realistic appearance. We'd venture to say that even the pickiest gardener might not be able to tell a difference in many of these! Our go-to idea for making the easiest springtime flower arrangement? Faux flowers all the way! Never again will you have to worry about how much water and sun your flowers need to stay bright and happy. They’ll always look fresh and at the ready for a table, mantel, kitchen counter, or really anywhere.

We'd advise mixing artificial flowers with real plants throughout your home, keeping your guests guessing on what's real and not. There are plenty of low-maintenance flowers that even the blackest thumb should be able to care for! Try your hand at making a cactus garden or re-create one of these genius springtime centerpieces. But, if you're looking for a 100% low-maintenance plant, any of these will fool almost anyone who enters your home!