20 Apr.,2023


Hey hey hey!

I thought it would be fun to start sharing all the things that I pinned while in the process of putting the design plan together for our kitchen. And let me tell you, when it comes to my kitchen Pinterest board, there is A LOT to share, unsurprisingly I'm sure. I'm not kidding, I literally saved 139 different counter stool options before settling on the winner. When I asked Cole if he could help me chose, he said, "Sure, just pair it down to your favorites." Ha! Little did he know my favorites list was 17 counter stools long. My hope is that I can save you some precious time in the future when scouring the internet looking for the perfect counter stool. After 341 hours of searching Pinterest, what started out fun ended up becoming my most loathed task (I know, cry me a riv). Especially since I seemed to have pretty specific specs that I needed. It couldn't be more than 17" wide so it could fit on either side of our island. It needed to have a back since we don't have a traditional dining room and this is where we do all of our eating. I wanted white oak wood legs to pop against the dark green island and break up all the black and white going on. And I thought a leather seat would be functional for cleaning purposes and add another texture in the kitchen. Oh, and they couldn't break the bank. Anyways, enough with the jibber jabber. Here are my 10 top counter stools that we almost bought!

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