Difference between Integrated and Split Solar Street Light

22 Feb.,2023


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The storage battery, LED lamp cap and photovoltaic panel of the split solar street lamp are separated, which must be equipped with light poles. The storage battery is buried underground. The LED lamp cap is supplied with power by that photovoltaic panel during the day through the electric wire in the lamp pole, and the LED lamp cap is supplied with power at night. Compared with the split solar street lamp, the integrated solar street lamp simply integrates the battery panel, lithium battery, controller and LED light source to form a lamp cap, and then configures a lamp pole or cantilever arm for installation.

1. The price of street lamps is different. The price of split street lamps is much higher than that of integrated street lamps, which is generally about 40%-60% higher.

2. Split solar street lamps with different application ranges and technical parameters are generally mainly suitable for large roads, expressways and other places with high demand for lamps. Integrated solar street lamps can be used in streets, residential areas, factory areas, rural areas, county streets, village streets and other places.

3. The maintenance of split solar street lamps with different maintenance methods is much more complicated. When damage occurs, the manufacturer needs to send technicians to the local area for maintenance. When maintenance, the battery, photovoltaic panel, LED lamp cap, wires, etc. need to be checked for faults one by one. The integrated solar street lamp only needs to remove the lamp cap and send it back to the factory.

4. The technical parameters of split solar street lamps with different technical parameters can range from 10-80W or even higher. For example, in the new rural solar street lamp series, the storage battery, photovoltaic panel size, controller, etc. should be configured according to the technical parameters such as wattage and different rainy days, and the irradiation angle of photovoltaic panels should be adjusted according to the actual installation. Integrated solar street lamps now have a general wattage of 10W, 20W, 30W and 40W, each of which is the best configuration based on long-term experiments, such as 3-6.20 m W new rural solar street light.

Therefore, which is better, the integration or separation of solar street lamps, depends on the application scenario. If it is in some relatively broad places such as main roads, integration is recommended. If it is in personal courtyards and narrow roads in villages, separation is recommended.


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