Adding Your ZSE19 Multisiren to Your PC: "This Device Cannot Start" Error

14 Mar.,2023


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Adding Your ZSE19 Multisiren to Your PC: "This Device Cannot Start" Error

Here's what to do if you see an error while trying to upload custom audio files to your ZSE19 Multisiren, or if the device doesn't show up anywhere once connected:

Make sure the USB cable is securely connected and then follow these steps if you see the "This Device Cannot Start" error on your computer:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable and remove one of the batteries in order to disconnect the unit from power
  2. Re-connect the USB cable
  3. Re-insert the battery so that the unit powers up

After that, the unit should show up and you should be able to run the application and download your files. 

To save any changes made to your siren, click the little disk image in the Doorbell app. If you're uploading .wav files, they don't automatically save just from the upload. 

If you're connected the USB cable and find that nothing is discovered on your computer, we recommend trying a different USB cable. Some cables are not the "full" connector types, and you'll need a full one here. We've found that the Mini-B 5 pin type works well with the Multisiren (and not "charging only" types).

Also not that you'll need a DVD/CD Rom driver on your computer, since the device may show as a DVD Rom in Windows and some systems don't have this by default. 

If you're still having issues uploading custom files to your ZSE19 Multisiren, don't hesitate to reach out! Our team will be happy to help. 


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