Green Power Won The Bid For The World's Single Largest Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Equipment Rectifier

15 Mar.,2023


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Struggling to achieve great results and a good start to the first quarter, Green Power won the bid for the world's single largest electrolytic hydrogen production equipment rectifier

As the 'green hydrogen' boom in the 2022 Winter Olympics continues, in late February, our company relies on numerous hydrogen production achievements, rich export experience, strong technical capabilities, excellent solutions, good corporate reputation and perfect management. The system has won the favor of well-known German manufacturers of electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment, and successfully won the bid for a single 4000Nm³/h Middle East electrolyzed water hydrogen production transformer rectifier project. The project adopts an outdoor container skid-mounted solution. Green Power provides one-stop turnkey products and services for electrolyzed water hydrogen production rectifier systems. Green Power has provided outdoor container overall solutions for many high-power rectifier systems in Turkey and South Africa.

Green Power has exported to 53 countries and regions, and cooperated with many Fortune 500 companies. This Middle East electrolyzed water-to-hydrogen transformer rectifier project is Green Power, after exporting to the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries, in the electrolysis An important step in the globalization of the field of hydrogen production from water. Green Power has provided rectifier power supplies of different specifications for more than 60 domestic electrolyzed water hydrogen production projects. The hydrogen production capacity of hydrogen production equipment covers 10Nm3/h-1300Nm3/h. Industry, Sinopec Demonstration Project, etc. to provide multiple sets of 1000Nm3/h and above hydrogen production power.

Green Power will, as always, work hard and make great efforts to continue to increase R&D and manufacturing to provide global users with the most cost-effective rectification solutions and products.


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