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20 Feb.,2023


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1. Rax Industry controls the ADSS/OPGW hardware quality very well. The QC team strictly controls every step in the production process.

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Rax Industry engineers make suggestions for customers according to the tower or pole span, cable type, and cable diameter. The tower or pole span is the main determinant of the grip strength selection.

3. Factory price: With Rax Industry’s know-how in ADSS/OPGW fittings industry, we can help you save cost and remain competitive by being your OEM /ODM partners for ADSS/OPGW hardware.

Whether for standard, custom or different types of ADSS/OPGW hardware fittings, Rax Industry provides the competitive solution for all market needs.

The process of making ADSS/OPGW hardware is not simple. It needs more than 10 steps in making the guy grips only. To make the armor grip suspension, it requires casting technology.

If you want to learn more about the production process, please check the product detail below for more information.

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ADSS/OPGW Accessories: The Ultimate Guide

I know you’d wish to improve your transmission systems in either tower or pole line construction.

And most probably, you’re looking for appropriate ADSS/OPGW accessories for your telecommunication and power systems.

In this guide, I am going to walk you through every detail of the ADSS/OPGW accessories.

From the basic definition, applications, features, parts, technical specifications, etc. – you will learn about everything concerning ADSS/OPGW accessories.

Let’s dive right in.

What are ADSS/OPGW Accessories?

ADSS/OPGW accessories are integral parts of pole line hardware, especially on power or tower and communication transmission lines.

You will be using them specifically as replacements for old suspension clamps, UT & NX clamps, and NLL tension clamps.

ADSS – Photo courtesy: AFL GLOBAL

ADSS/OPGW accessories are in common use on OPGW and ADSS cables according to the right specifications.

Main Applications of ADSS/OPGW

ADSS/OPGW accessories are the modern kind of equipment you will be used on power and communication lines.

They are replacements for the old fittings such as suspension clamps, UT & NX clamps as well as NLL tension clamps. T

his means that they perform the same functions as the accessories that they are replacing.

As a replacement for the suspension clamp, you can use them as shield wires and phase conductors.

You will also be able to use the accessories for angle supports, and straight line supports.

Apart from that, you are also able to fit contour weights with the ADSS/OPGW accessories.

ADSS/OPGW Fitting Features

The fitting features of the ADSS/OPGW accessories have a unique design that has helical grips to wrap the cables firmly.

The design spreads stress on the junction points of the cable and offers protection on the cable from snow, rain, and wind.

It is easy to install, and you might need special tools or people to help you in doing the installations.

It is safe to say that the accessories are easy to work with and you can install them by hand.

The accessories are also very resistant to corrosion because of the zinc coating they have.

The manufacturers pass the accessories through the process of hot-dip galvanization to make them resistant to rust.

Difference between ADSS and OPGW accessories

OPGW accessories and ADSS accessories are the same in some of the primary functions they perform.

However, there is a slight difference between the two groups of accessories when it comes to the specifications of the cables.

OPGW Accessories – Photo courtesy: Preformed line products

ADSS/OPGW accessories perform different functions so you can describe them separately.

You can identify ADSS accessories with other names such as:

  • ADSS cable accessories
  • ADSS fittings or ADSS hardware
  • ADSS fiber optic cable hardware

You can use ADSS accessories to protect and support ADSS cables against damage.

Besides that, in its right condition, it completes the transmission of information from the sender to the receiver.

On the other hand, you can identify OPGW accessories using different names such as:

  • OPGW Hardware fittings
  • OPGW hardware
  • OPGW fittings

No matter the name you use in identification, OPGW hardware is for use in the construction of OPGW fiber optic cables.

Parts of ADSS Accessories

Some of the main parts of ADSS accessories include the following:

Also known as a preformed dead end or dead-end cable grips with a unique design for connecting ADSS/OPGW to overhead poles.

Preformed tension clamp

It simplifies connections and installations and safeguards the cable it conceals inside it.

You can use it to protect the ADSS/OPGW cables from damage, especially at the points of stress.

Besides using it for protection, it will be making sure that the cable transfers power and information without interruption.

The Armor grip suspension has a unique design that reduces the dynamic and static stresses at the point of support.

The support intends to protect the strand or the conductor from effects such as that of oscillation.

Armor grip suspension

Apart from that, it offers protection to the conductor in support against power and impulse flash overs.

It has a recommendation of being better and superior to armor clamp combinations.

This is because it safeguards conductors from compression stress, abrasion, and bending stress.

A thimble clevis has a special design for use in conjunction with preformed dead-ends on dead-end insulators or suspension types.

Thimble clevis

The thimble’s main intention is the provision of a smooth internal contour that prevents the concentration of stress within the loop.

The loop where all these connections are in the loop of the dead-end.

The thimble clevis consists of a steel pin linking it through the eye of the insulator it connects.

Apart from that, the pin has a humpbacked cotter key that protects and secures the insulation.

The armor rod has a special design that protects the cable against abrasion, bending, compression, and flash-over.

Apart from that, you can use it to repair damages on aluminum-based conductors and to restore conductors.

Armor rod

The primary restoration is on the mechanical strength of the conductors and conductivity of the conductors.

Downlead clamps have a special design for guiding optical ground wires from the splice box to the top of the pole.

Downlead clamp

They are very easy to install, provide proper space and hold strength without causing damage to the cables.

You can use it on power poles and communication towers to meet all the specified needs of any application you might have.

Technical Specifications of ADSS/OPGW Accessories

Whenever you’re buying any ADSS/OPGW accessories, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

· Diameter

There are quite a number of ADSS/OPGW accessories that you can choose to use depending on your application.

The accessories are of different types and sizes thus you are free to decide on the dimensions you require.

This means that the diameters vary accordingly and you are free to contact your manufacturer and quote the size you need.

· Material Type

The type of material you will use in manufacturing ADSS/OPGW accessories varies accordingly.

You will use steel and aluminum in most cases to make the accessories that you will need.

Apart from that, make sure that you pass the material through the process of hot-dip galvanization.

The material has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure that the accessories will pass through.

The quality of the material should be high to increase the durability of the accessories you will make from them.

· Finish

Manufacturing ADSS/OPGW accessories require you to give them a smooth and polished finish.

The accessories have to be resistant to corrosion to improve their durability and strength.

It is important to pass the accessories through the process of hot-dip galvanization to make them corrosion resistant.

· Tensile strength

The kind of work the accessories perform requires them to have a very high tensile strength to make them durable.

The higher the tensile strength, the more durable the accessories will be.

The tensile strength also depends on the type of material that you will use in making the accessories.

Some standards have been set to govern the kind of strength that the accessories should have.

Manufacturers strive to make the accessories as strong and durable as possible for you to appreciate.

· Standard Specifications

The most common standard of the specification is on hot-dip galvanization which dictates the kind of quality an accessory should have.

Manufacturing ADSS/OPGW accessories will require you to follow a set of rules and guidelines to make products that are acceptable in the market.

These standards vary from one country to another, meaning that the standards in the United States differ from those in other countries.

The standard specifications are the rules that protect you as the consumer from malice manufacturers may have.

This means that the manufacturers are not allowed to make sub-standard accessories and sell them to you.

It also makes you have a hand in defending yourself in cases where a manufacturer may sell a product that is not standard.

 Installation of ADSS/OPGW Accessories

The process of installation of ADSS/OPGW accessories is straightforward and can be done without the help of tools.

You might or might not need the help of a specialist such as an engineer depending on the type of installation.

Apart from that, you should always stay safe during the process of installation by observing all the safety rules and standards.

The factors you should look at before beginning your installation include:

  • Minimum bending radius of particular accessories
  • The maximum pulling force of some accessories
  • Minimum installation temperature
  • The crush strength of the cable you will be using during the process of installation

The factors I have stated above are important because:

In case the load exceeds the specified ratings, you might end up with breakages on the accessories either immediately or later.

The damage may not be visible on some accessories, but you will realize a breach in transmission.

ADSS/OPGW accessories vary, and you will need to follow different instructions to install every accessory.

It is, however, important to note the factors mentioned above before you start doing your installations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does ADSS/OPGW/OPPC Accessories Include?

ADSS/OPGW/OPPC Accessories preformed tension clamp, armor grip suspension, Thimble Clevis, Armour Rod, Downlead Clamp and so on.

Can you design a product based on the cable type and the span for us?

The professional engineer will make solving schedule and technique detail for you based on your project specification.

Can I get a price list for all types of ADSS/OPGW/OPPC Accessories?

There are many customized types for ADSS/OPGW/OPPC Accessories, and the price is based on the raw material and different customer requirements. It’s better to give a general description of the requirement that we will supply the best schedule for you.

Who will charge for the tooling if I do the customized?

The factory will develop a new design for the customer, and the tooling is usually paid by the customer, but if order quantity is more than 5000pcs, you will be refunded the tooling cost when confirming the order.


You are now at a better point to make the right decisions regarding the connections between power and communication lines.

ADSS/OPGW accessories are the best options you have when you need reliable and durable connections for your power and communication lines.

At Rax Industry, we design and manufacture ADSS/OPGW accessories depending on your requirements.

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