Syntech USB C to USB Adapter Pack of 2 USB C Male to USB3 Female Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2023 iMac iPad Mini 6/Pro MacBook Air 2022 and Other Type C or Thunderbolt 4/3 Devices Space Grey

16 Feb.,2023


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I had an old 2009 MacBook Pro in which the internal CD-ROM had failed so I replaced it with an additional hard drive and then rather stupidly bought an external SuperDrive before I realised that it was not natively supported by Macs which had originally come with internal drives! Tweaking one of the system configuration files resolved the problem until the most recent versions of Mac OS removed that particular work around and so for several years the SuperDrive has sat on a shelf gathering dust and to be honest I did not really need a CD ROM drive anyway. I recently rediscovered the drive along with an Iomega external combination drive which includes a 3.5” floppy and tried them on my new 2018 MacBook Pro via a USB-C hub but neither worked, I got a message saying “USB device requires power” and was on the point of throwing them both away when I decided to make one last attempt at connection but using a direct converter rather than a hub.
The point of this rather long winded ramble is that having read numerous reviews about USB-C converters which do not quite work as advertised I was very pleased that these adapters actually allowed me to connect two very different and some would say antiquated devices to a state of the art computer and they both worked first time with no messing around, the machine was able to see them and read files from media.
First impressions are good, they feel substantial, build quality appears excellent for the very reasonable price and you never know when you might need to read a CD or even a 3.5” floppy even in these days of downloadable gigabyte sized media files.

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