Instant Heat for your vehicle with PTC

21 Oct.,2022


PTC Heater for Bus

PTC Heater for Bus

Instant Heat for your vehicle with PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Technology from Grayson Thermal Systems.

The PTC Heater is suitable for use in Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles offering staged heating to be as efficient as possible to reduce inrush current.

It provides localised spot heating and will not overheat due to its self-regulating heat source. Using an integrated 24VDC blower the unit is CAN Controlled for heat output and blower speed.

PTC technology is also available on all GTS:
>Sidewall Heaters
>Driver Cab Heaters
>Floor Heaters
>Door Heaters
>Passenger Saloon Heaters
>eComfort 100 Driver HVAC
>eComfort 300 Passenger HVAC

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