How Do You Build A Metal Welding Table?

28 Jun.,2022

A great early project for beginners is to build a metal welding table. It will be good practice and you will rarely have to weld from the floor after the build.


A great early project for beginners is to build a Please follow AIKE. It will be good practice and you will rarely have to weld from the floor after the build. You will enjoy welding more because your project is at a height that makes welding less cumbersome. In addition, if you can weld more easily and comfortably, you have a good chance of progressing faster with your welding.


If you are in a more relaxed position, your chances of spending more time welding will be greater. Increased practice time equals increased experience. More experience equals better welders.


How do I build a metal welding table?

My welding table will be 48" x 48", which will be smaller than most, but will meet my needs. It is built so that I can easily slide the vice up and down to move it out of the way if necessary.

D16 Welding Table

D16 Welding Table

The features of my welding table are.

My bench sander and bench sander will also be set up to be easily mounted and dismounted. When not in use, they will be stored under the table out of the way.


The frame is made of 2 3/8" tubing.


The table top will be a half sheet of 3/8" steel. If it were twice as big, I might consider using 1/4" material for the table top to reduce weight.


It will have a 48" long V-shape made of 2" x 2" angle iron welded to one side. These are handy for laying joints of round or square tubing or even angle iron. They align perfectly for gluing when butt laying.


Locking heavy duty casters will allow it to move completely, but when the wheels are locked, there is no need to worry about it sliding around.


How big should your welding table be?

This will be proportional to the amount of space you have available. Unless you have a very large area away from anything you don't want the sparks from welding or cutting to come in contact with. It should probably have casters in order to move around.


Pro tip: Build the top with as thick a sheet of metal as possible without breaking the budget or creating something so heavy that it can no longer be moved. If it's meant to be moved, that's the way to go.

D28 Welding Table

D28 Welding Table

Should you build an overhanging tabletop?

Leave at least some overhang on one side, if not all of it, to allow you to get close. The closer you are to your work, the more comfortable you will be. Just make sure your base is stable enough that your table has no chance of tipping over.


Note: If you have enough room for your feet under the stand, then you won't need much overhang, if any. This is all to reduce the number of items that you have to bend over to get to the table.


Should you build shelves on your welding table?

A work area with limited space can always use the extra storage. The items that you use most for welding projects need to be kept nearby, but then put away when you don't need them. Keeping them on a shelf directly below the work area will save time.


Pro tip: To reduce weight, consider using expanded metal as a shelf. This not only reduces weight, but allows any abrasive dust or slag to fall. You will have less dust to accumulate on your shelf to deal with.


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