FAQ About Suspension Clamp

25 Jun.,2022

A suspension clamp is designed to give the conductors both physical and mechanical support. This is important especially when you have installed the conductors for the power transmission line and even telephone lines.


ADSS Preformed Suspension Clamps

ADSS Preformed Suspension Clamps



ㆍWhat is suspension clamp?

ㆍWhat is pole clamp?

ㆍWhat is a span clamp?

ㆍWhat is suspension type insulator?

ㆍWhat is a loop clamp?

ㆍWhat is ADSS suspension clamp?

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What Is Suspension Clamp?

A HDMI connector is designed to give the conductors both physical and mechanical support. This is important especially when you have installed the conductors for the power transmission line and even telephone lines.

Suspension clamps enhance the stability of the conductor by limiting their movements especially against a strong wind, storm, and other vagaries of nature.

Made of galvanized steel, suspension clamps have adequate tensional strength to support the weight of conductors onto the perfect positions. The material is also resistant to corrosion and abrasion hence can serve its primary purpose for a long time.

Suspension clamps feature a clever ergonomic design that ensures that the weight of the conductor is evenly distributed on the clamp's body. This design also provides perfect angles of connection for the conductor. In some cases, counterweights are added to prevent the conductor's uplift.

Other fittings such as nuts and bolts are used along with the suspension clamps to enhance the connection with the conductors.

You may also request a custom design of a suspension clamp to suit your application area. This is vital since some suspension clamps are designed for single cables while others are for bundle conductors.


What Is Pole Clamp?

Pole clamp to install on a wooden post for creating a telecom line departure or a stay wire. Fastens directly onto the pole by tightening the two bolts. Part number. Designation.


What Is A Span Clamp?

The span clamp is used to attach your drop clamp or grip mid-span.


What Is Suspension Type Insulator?

Suspension type insulator includes one or more insulator parts connected together in series to form a string, and they are hanged to the cross arm of the tower or supporting structure and carry a power conductor at its lowest extremity. Also, we call this type of composite unit a string-type insulator.


ADSS Preformed Suspension Clamp

ADSS Preformed Suspension Clamp


What is ADSS Suspension clamp?

Suspension clamp is also called clamp suspension or suspension fitting. According to the application, Suspension clamp includes suspension clamp for ABC cable, suspension clamp for ADSS cable, suspension clamp for the overhead line.


What Is a Loop Clamp?

Loop Clamps provide a tighter seal around pipes and tubing when compared to standard vibration-dampening clamps. They're designed with a molded cushion which helds reduce vibration while also protecting the material being supported from wear due to the clamp edge.


Related Questions


Where is a suspension insulator mainly used?

The main advantage of suspension insulator is that it uses low voltage and is highly flexible. These kinds of insulators can be mainly seen in railway lines, over headed poles, etc.


What kind of clamp do you use for suspension cable?

MPS cable suspension clamps are used with through bolts which serve as a clamping member and are shaped to securely grip messenger wire/strand to the pole. fits 1/4 to 7/16 strand BITCH CLAMP MSI H-J25088.1 5/8" Straight Suspension Clamp, with Flat Keeper Plate, is used with through bolts to serve as clamping member.


What is the suspension clamp for the overhead line?

Suspension clamp for the overhead line. The suspension clamp for the overhead line is designed to hang the conductors and pole line hardware on to the spool insulator. The material of the suspension clamp body is casting iron and aluminum two types.


What is a J hook type suspension clamp?

The J hook type suspension clamp consist of a steel J hook, and a rubber part inset and a long bolt. The rubber part insert is used to wrap the ADSS cable to protect it from friction。 The steel J hook will be assembled on the pole by hanging on the pigtail hook.


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