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28 Feb.,2023


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Have you been wanting to achieve that unique splash of colors in your kitchen or bathroom wall using glass mosaic tiles but are having trouble choosing the right tiles to work with? Well, this article will help to walk you through a couple of these glass tiles that you can use to create that look without any additional fuss. It can be quite a challenge to do these projects especially when you do not know where to begin. Choosing the right glass mosaic tile to use is crucial in order to get the right outcome. 

Below are a couple of categories on mosaic tiles that can help beginners get started with any redecorating project. Note that this is only a guide and you can mix and match or add on other tile types that you wish to.

Types of glass mosaic tiles for backsplashes:

  • Roman design - this type of glass mosaic tile makes use of numerous prints and patterns. You will commonly find solid, square and triangular patterns in this category. As the name implies, it brings a certain Roman feel to it so you should expect a lot of brownish and maroon shades in this classification. It could go from a dusty gold shade to a tannish hue.

In some cases, you might also encounter cooler colors such as mint green and cream but these are often used to complement the rustic feel of these tile designs. In most of these tiles, the mosaic pattern is a lot less pronounced in comparison to other types. These come as a more subtle mosaic glass tile.

  • Perl glass – this form of glass mosaic tile is often distinct because of its characteristic choice of colors, which include the following: white, black and shades of grey. Basically, in this category, expect that you will encounter monochromatic shades that are sometimes combined with shades of brown and tan to add a little more depth. As the name implies, the finish of this type of tile is similar to that of a pearl.

It gives a shiny – but not too striking – finish that makes the overall wall have an elegant look to it. Despite the simple features and choice of color in this category, it also makes use of simple and subtle mosaic patterns. If you are in search of bold and loud mosaic patterns, you might want to reconsider this. 

  • General mosaic glass – in this category, you are most likely to encounter most patterns that you would find under the sun. The choice of colors in this category begins from one end of the spectrum up to the other so you need not worry about a limited palette. Most of the glass mosaic tiles in this category are used for decorating as backsplash for kitchens and bathrooms.

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