Carthage Mills

27 Feb.,2023


Do you need Geogrid Mesh solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

GBX® Rigid Biaxial Geogrids - Including Type 1 & 2 - Provide the high flexural rigidity and tensile strengths along the ribs and at the junctions that are required for long-term interlock and confinement in Soil Stabilization and Base Reinforcement applications.

Carthage UX Rigid Uniaxial Polyethylene Geogrids – Are manufactured from HDPE, provide high resistance to installation damage and chemical or biological long-term degradation, and have shown no degradation in pH situations as high as 12 and can be used in both dry and wet-cast environments.

Carthage Mills SRW Geogrids - Are manufactured from high-tenacity, high molecular weight polyester (PET) fibers in a full range of tensile strengths designed to meet the most demanding soil reinforcement applications; including Ultimate Tensile up to 29,750 lbs/ft.

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