14 Mar.,2023


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Eel Pie Recording Studios had acquired a beautiful Airstream trailer and urgently needed to make it both acoustically and visually perfect for recording and broadcasting purposes.  They contacted Ace Acoustics and asked if it were possible to install the renowned Whisper Walls acoustic panels inside the trailer and also, of course, the cost of doing so.

The Airstream trailer, otherwise known as a ‘Silver Bullet’ is well named and entirely streamlined and beautifully curved on both the outside and inside. Pete Townshend of ‘The Who’, as a recording & broadcast studio and, of course, intended this one for use for extensive touring purposes. The Client told us that they wanted high-quality fabric to cover the acoustic panels all the way around the inside and on both sides of a partition wall, including the actual soundproof door, which separates the internal studio from its control room.

Eel Pie were very honest and told us that they had a very disappointing result when they earlier talked to another stretched-fabric company:  after a site survey, this company advised them that they could not effectively proceed as briefed since the wall interiors would have to be ‘squared off’:  this was because they were unable to follow the natural curves of the trailer’s interior.

One of our special skills at Ace Acoustics – and one we are very proud of - is that, when installing acoustic panels, we often have to cope with eccentric designs, irregular surfaces, difficult contours and sometimes really bizarre internal geometries.  So, after our survey, we told the Client that we could meet their brief with ease and that we were very excited about the whole project: our estimated price for doing so was quickly accepted and once the contract was signed we moved ahead extremely rapidly.

Because it was a particularly urgent project, we often had to work late into the night and this was very much appreciated by the client team and particularly by Pete Townshend, who came in, more than once, to thank the Ace Acoustics team personally.

On completion, the studio told us that they were delighted with the white fabric finish, the speed of the work and the overall acoustic efficiency and stunning appearance of the Whisper Walls contoured acoustic panelling.


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