EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter Set 6 Piece for Stainless Steel, Long Life Hole Saw Kit for Hard Metal : Tools & Home Improvement

12 Oct.,2022


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OK, I am a full-time electrician and use this kit almost daily depending on the job. The first kit was used for about a month before it was stolen. In that time I broke 2 of the pilot bits with normal usage within the first 6 times I used the holesaws. The actual hole-saw is great and very tough and sharp. The pilot bits are just not great. I then ordered a new kit to replace my stolen kit and on the very first use, my helper broke one of the pilot bits while drilling through mild steel for a generator. I was pissed and said I would do it myself, grabbed a new pilot bit and on the very first attempt I broke the pilot bit. I never had this issue before with Klein, GreenLee, or Lennox. I have since purchased a Klein kit with the exact sizes and although a bit more money, I am not breaking pilot bits.....
Now on another note. I would like to know where I could find higher quality replacement pilot bits that are the correct size for the EZARC set because the actual saws are pretty good. If they would just not be so cheap with the pilot bits this would be a great set.
One last negative. The case sucks and does not stay shut. It opens up in my van all the time and spills everything out. I have to keep it taped shut. So, overall, purchased two of these and both sets had the pilot bits break instantly and the case can be improved, otherwise the actually hole-saw cutters are great. We need replacement pilot bits that are better.
UPDATE: The supplier for this kit has contacted me and is trying to investigate and remedy the situation with the pilot bits. I am suppose to get some newer style bits to try out and give them feedback.