Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Tiles

28 Feb.,2023


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Glass tiles might seem soft and fragile at the first though. But when they are installed on walls and floors, they become quite hard and durable. If they are not abused deliberately and are given the right care, they will stay for over a decade or more.

A large number of homeowners, interior designers, and tilers affirm that. The best thing about using glass tile in your home design is, they reflect light and supply a heavy dose of brightness in your space, minimizing the use of light and with that, your annual power expenses.

Evidently, there are plus sides and downsides of everything we see and use.

Pros of Glass Tiles

A Product of Recycling –

Recycling is the need of the hour, especially in terms of environment procurement. Glass tiles are mostly made from waste glass, which people discard and dispose in landfills. The waste glass is collected from various sites, recycled, and turned into thick, strong glass tiles.

The more you use or demand glass tiles, the more you contribute in saving the earth from soil pollution.

Waterproof –

Cement, natural stones, and wood – the traditional construction materials are not waterproof. But glass tiles are.

These tiles do not absorb water or any other type of fluids. This means, you have to work less while cleaning and maintaining your glass tile walls and backsplashes.

No Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria –

Glass tiles a perfect surface if you are seeking for an allergen-free kitchen counter, floor, and backsplash.

Water does not seep through these tiles, so there is no moisture on or behind the wall. As a result, there is suitable environment for bacteria and mold growth.

Cons of Glass Tiles –

Excessively Slippery –

Glass tiles are super smooth. When wet, they can be dangerously slippery and accident prone. Therefore, these tiles would not be a good choice for bathroom flooring.

Not a DIY Project

Glass tiles are soft and breakable, until they are installed. So, to avoid damages and control project cost, glass tile stores recommend hiring a professional tiler. Do not DIY, if you do not have any experience in handling or installing glass tiles.


Glass tiles are transparent and sometimes, translucent. It is problem because subfloor and thin set/glue is often visible through the surface. To avoid this issue, you should use glass tile adhesive while tiling.

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