Why You Must Use Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels?

22 Jun.,2022

There are many advantages to making use of acoustic wood slat wall panels in a building's interior. Its many features make it exceptionally appropriate to be used in distinctive applications.


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Wooden Veneer Acoustic Panels


There are many advantages to making use of acoustic wood slat wall panels in a building's interior. Its many features make it exceptionally appropriate to be used in distinctive applications.

Here are a few motives why acoustic wood slat wall panels are a must in your business:


Sound-absorbing effect

The wooden slat wall from Huite has a well documented sound-absorbing effect. They will be refracted which creates a sound deadening effect when the sound waves hit the felt. With many smooth surfaces, for  example a place with drywall or tiles, in particular, our wooden slat wall will make a compelling difference in environments.

Therefore it will provide inspiration and amazement for guests and visitors in private homes and in a wide range of organizations because the wooden slat wall comes with functional as well as visual benefits. Several meeting rooms, cafes, restaurants, offices, and shops will benefit greatly from this very elegant sound absorbing solution - Wooden Slats.


High quality

At Huite, you will add a new dimension to your home with the help of our wide range of quality wooden slat walls. Our products are made using high-quality material which goes perfectly well with your space.


Improved insulation

Wood is called a natural insulator. Architects and builders are paying more attention to the systems, designs and fittings that support energy efficiency as more homes and commercial establishments move towards a net-zero goal with the help of wood slats.Wood is said to have a higher R-Value compared to other building materials. A higher R-value means higher insulating power. This property of having higher R-Value makes wood structures more energy efficient compared to an insulated building equipped with steel framing. Enabling it to absorb more heat compared to other building materials, wood has more than double the heat capacity of aluminium or concrete.


MDF and Polyester acoustic panel

MDF and Polyester acoustic panel


Quieter Environment

Wood is right for sound absorption, making it appropriate for stopping echo and noise. This is why wooden panels are appreciably utilized in live performance halls. These wooden acoustic panels are designed to lure sound waves and prevent them from echoing. The sound is transformed into heat, which the panels can quickly absorb, developing a quieter environment.We supply decorative and versatile acoustic wall and ceiling panels. These materials are made of market-leading sound-absorbing materials. Our products address noise reverberation issues in sports venues, churches, other indoor high-activity areas like shopping centres.


Visual versatility

Wood is a flexible material that's clean to work with. It may be used for various indoor layout applications, inclusive of insulation, acoustics and room aesthetics. Wood may be painted in any color, waxed or varnished. Whether it'll be used as an easy baseboard or an ornate wall, wooden makes for incredibly usable material.Wood slat paneling may be used to decorate the biophilic layout in offices. Biophilia seeks to consist of natural factors into modern architecture, integrating sunlight, wood, flora and water into workspaces. Biophilia is inherently attracted to nature and desires to emulate its structures and processes in daily life.If your workplace calls for a brand new look, why now no longer put money into decorative wall panels in your interiors? Our products decorate the classy cost of a property. Our wooden acoustic wood wall panels are exactly designed and are available in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes. Our wall panels are the correct character in the current design.


Huite resources strong and aesthetically beautiful wooden panels in your establishment. We are the main call in presenting an in-depth variety of low-maintenance, pre-completed architectural lining systems. Our wood slats are sturdy, flexible and aesthetically beautiful. We work with architects, indoor designers, developers and contractors to make certain that your commercial enterprise receives the simplest and the best. Our ornamental wooden panels have made a mark withinside the markets in which we operate. Other than their distinctly desirable  designs, our products are in excessive call for practicality. The panels are engineered to cast off particular set-up demanding situations and are appropriate for various applications. Contact us now!