BMK Glycidic Acid – 5 mg

27 Apr.,2023


The maintenance of embryonic stem cells in culture typically requires feeder cells and various exogenous factors found in serum. Murine embryonic stem (mES) cells can be maintained in the absence of feeder cells and serum but require the leukemia inhibitor factor (LIF) and bone morphogenic protein (BMP) to prevent differentiation and promote self-renewal. SC-1 is a small molecule activator of stem cell renewal that allows the propagation of OG2 mES cells for at least 10 passages in an undifferentiated state.{14533} The activity of SC-1 is mediated by the combined inhibition of RasGAP and ERK1 with Kd values of 98 and 212 nM, respectively.{14533} Inhibition of RasGAP increases Ras signaling via the PI3-kinase pathway which promotes self-renewal, whereas inhibition of ERK blocks differentiation.  


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