Nail Extensions Types – How to choose?

15 Nov.,2022


what is nail extension

The acrylic system is the oldest and most popular way of extending nails in the UK. The system consists of acrylic powder and liquid also known as polymer and monomer. The nail tech dips the brush in the liquid followed by dipping it in the powder. This creates a bead of product that is used to build your nail. It dries up by itself and does not require a UV/LED lamp.

The nail extension can be built on top of forms (sculpting) or on a preshaped plastic nail tip.

The acrylic powder can be colourful hence the nail design can be done straight away with the acrylic.

The liquid part has a very strong specific odour, therefore, it is recommended to work with the system in well-ventilated salons. Hence it is usually not the chosen product by mobile nail technicians.

It is possible to get an odourless monomer, however, this changes the way it is used and a UV/ LED lamp is required in order to cure the product.

It is easy to spot nail extensions that are made with acrylic. The most popular designs would be ombre nails, french smile lines, marble, encapsulated glitter or transparent extensions. This is also a prefered product for building 3D shapes.

Typical acrylic artists create extremely long nails. The longer the nail – the thicker it needs to be. All encapsulation, 3D embellishments, deep french smile lines etc look good only on long nails because they require a certain thickness. The nail tech will not be able to do the same design on a short-medium nail because it will look bulky, there will not be enough space for the gradient blend, marble or the Swarovski crystals.

When creating a shorter extension, the artist may prefer to do a design with Gel Polish on top.