Everything You Should Know Before Getting Nail Extensions

15 Nov.,2022


what is nail extension

If you don’t know what nail extensions are, you should really consider living with Patrick Star! I’m just kidding, but seriously though, have you been living under a rock? Nail extensions have been around for quite a long time. It has frequently shown up on Instagram feeds as well. Trust me when I say everyone can get nail extensions, but it does require care. Sometimes nail extensions can also end up obstructing your daily activities. Although, it does make a super satisfying sound. Perfect for ASMR! Getting nail extensions is also very satisfying when you get the designs you want. Depending on the nail salon you go to, you could either leave extremely happy or fuming with anger. So, before you go get your new nail extensions, Beauty Insider has come up with a guide for you! 

What Are Nail Extensions?

Nail extensions are basically false nails. It is a sort of fashion accessory that is placed over your fingernails. You can get nail extensions even if you have short nails because the nail extensions can always be longer. For those with short nails, nail extensions can help you achieve longer nails without actually growing them out. These extensions come in several shapes and sizes. Although to ensure that your extensions are in tip-top shape, it needs to be attended to. Some have recommended that you check up with it every 2 weeks. Nail extensions also tend to last longer than other manicures. 

The Types of Nail Extensions

There are several types of nail extensions and you can choose based on your own desires. Which one are you more comfortable with? Maybe you are allergic to an ingredient used in one of the extensions. Thus, you might want to opt for an alternative. Below we have listed some of the types of nail extensions for your consideration. 

Acrylic Nail Extensions

One of the OG types of nail extensions is acrylics. This type of extension is a mix of a powder polymer and liquid monomer. Compared to gels, acrylics are actually less expensive too! Although, they tend to be harsher on the nails and can leave your nails weak and brittle. This is due to the fact that your nail is being deprived of air when acrylic nails are placed on top of it. But, many actually prefer acrylics for their protective and hard layer which also leaves a glossy finish! 

Gel Nail Extensions

If you want something that is less damaging to your nails, go for gel extensions instead! Although it is pricier compared to acrylics, they are loved for their durability and strength. Gels are actually similar to nail polish in terms of application. Multiple coats of it are applied before placing it under a UV light. Most prefer gel extensions because they are sort of a safer alternative to acrylics. Even though gels are odourless, there are concerns that exposure to UV lights could end up associating with skin cancer.  

Silk Wrap

This next type of nail extension was actually popular in the eighties! A silk wrap has benefits to help with strengthening your nails, along with providing it extra length. Using resin, your nail stylist will glue on the silk and after that, activate it using a spray. For extra support, a coating of hard gel will be applied on top. This method also gives a more natural look as it is also thin.  


Similar to silk wrap’s, fibreglass nail extensions need to be achieved with hard gels. Surprisingly, it comes in a form of strings and can help create short to medium extensions. Not only will it be durable, but it is also quite thin! Even though this method is gaining traction now, it has actually been around for quite some time. Typically, fibreglass is used to create square nail shapes. Besides that, it is great for fixing a broken nail and even looks natural! 

Dip Powder

In a rush? Opt for the dip powder then! This type of nail extension is easy and quick to do. It is also most suitable for those that have allergies to other nail products. This is also best to help create short nail extensions and consists of resin, powder and an activator. Just because it is quick and easy to do, doesn’t mean it is weak! That’s right, dip powder actually provides strength as well! Also, this method doesn’t require the use of LED or UV lights. Since it comes in a variety of colours, you can achieve that aesthetically pleasing manicure! 

The Different Nail Shapes


There are so many different nail shapes to choose from and some of them can be quite absurd! But, if it’s your style and you like it, hey go for it. But for now, let’s get to know some of the more popular shapes! 


Also known as ballerina nails, these are long and square, similar to stiletto nails. 


If you have short nails, you might want to try out square nails. Sharp on every edge, careful not to poke anyone!


This nail shape can make sure nails appear slimmer. It is filed on both the sides of your nails and the tips as well. 


I’m guessing you can tell by its name, but this is a combination of a square and oval nail shape! Considered flattering for most, this shape is perfect if you want your nails flat, but not the sharp edges. 


Now, this is scary! Stiletto nails are sharp and pointy at the tippy top. I feel like this is the most dangerous as you could literally scratch yourselves on accident! On that note, I’m not really sure how you’re even supposed to type with that. 


Lastly, we have the almond shape. These are sort of a longer version of the oval nails, but they do seem to be more rounded. 

How Much Do Nail Extensions Cost?

Depending on which Nail Salon you visit, the costs of getting nail extensions can vary. Some are reasonably priced and affordable, while others might be a bit more pricey. But, don’t just go to a nail salon just because they offer cheap extensions! Make sure you do some research on the salon first and read some reviews. This helps ensure that you don’t end up having a bad experience! 

Gel Extensions$16 – $180Acrylic Extensions$14 – $180

How Long Do Nail Extensions Last?

This actually varies depending on the person who has nail extensions. For some, it might last 2 weeks, while for others it might be up until a month. This all depends on how you take care of your extensions and the activities you do. Maybe running it underwater for too long will damage it quicker. Maybe, you are someone who does a lot of rough activities like rock climbing. This can lead to your extensions coming off quicker. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

Constantly getting nail extensions can actually damage your nails. I know it can be addictive to make your nails look pretty all the time. But, are you ready to sacrifice your real nails? With all the chemicals that are being applied to your nails, not to mention the filing, it can weaken your nails. So, it is important to give your nails a breather once in a while. Give it a break! You don’t want brittle nails, do you? Make sure that you give your nails a rest before going for your next appointment. Also, try not to peel your extensions off, no matter how tempting they are. Even I won’t be able to help you if you accidentally peel your nails off with them!