Installing Flowmaster's American Thunder Dual Exhaust System For 1964-1972 GM A-Bodies

23 Feb.,2023


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Exhaust systems are often lower on the wish list of items for a performance car. The exhaust is hidden under the car and many enthusiasts don’t realize how much power may be hiding under all that sheet metal. Sure, headers help, but a well-planned and executed exhaust system can also offer performance advantages well past the sound you desire.

Flowmaster has recently upgraded its American Thunder series of exhaust systems with some slightly redesigned pipe layouts and improved exhaust hangers that warranted our attention. We decided our 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle needed a new system so we ordered one of the American Thunder kits complete with the Super 40 mufflers. This same kit can be ordered without the mufflers if you already have the mufflers you need. Our buddy Scott Gillman helped us with this installation and his fabrication skills were greatly appreciated.

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