45 sets Corunclima Electric APU installed on Freightliner trucks

16 Nov.,2022


Truck Electric APU

Last month, 45 sets full dc electric APU were installed on Freightliner trucks by our partner in Mexico.

FreightlinerTrucks is one of North American leading manufacturers of medium-duty, heavy-duty & specialized trucks.

Corunclima no idle air conditioning system K20BS2 is considered as the best anti-idling solution for semi trucks or trailers when they stood, parked or stopped. Powered by auxiliary battery bank directly, it can offer sustainable cooling while engine on or off, helping to decrease your engine wear, cut your fuel cost and improve comfort in driver's cab overnight, during rest periods and load/unload time without idling the engine.


We are the largest cooling capacity, biggest air volume and most durable electric ac brand in the market. 9500BTU cooling capacity and 420CFM cooling air volume provide high performance cab climate for all kinds of semi trucks, we are powerful enough to keep your truck cabin reasonably cool and comfort your drivers better. What's more, there is no engine noise when cabs in cooling, providing a comfortable environment for the long-distance transportation.


Starting from high-quality interior components and unique technique, model K20BS2 has a long life up to 10 years. The durable quality was approved by numerous installations in Mexico, USA, Australia countries. So far, we have witnessed more and more fleet companies adopting electric APU K20BS2 as cooling solution for their drivers, such as Lala Group, Frio-Express, Gonzalez Trucking and other international trucks.


Corunclima always regards customer as focus and provides perfect products and the most attentive service for you. Easy installation, less emission, reduce operating cost, maximize driver's comfort. With more than 10 years' experience in no idle air conditioner, we were committed to serve trucks the cleanest and most fuel-efficient idle free options. During these years, we have become the top brand of exporting in the Full DC electric air conditioner. Through the insistence in offering our partners high quality, energy saving and durable products, we have successfully helped our partners to expand their business and got more market share.  


Corunclima focus on OEM and Project cooperation business in DC electric air conditioning system. We have local delivery, local service, and local parts supply from warehouse in Mexico.


Looking for long-term partners, any interest, pls feel free to contact info@corunclima.com.