Top 10 Korean Eyewear Brands

08 Nov.,2022


Korean Sunglasses Brand

Top 10 Korean Eyewear Brands


Speaking of Korean eyewear brands, 90% of young people will immediately think of Gentle Monster. This is not only the most popular eyewear brand in Korea, but also the only representative with wide coverage beyond the Korean border. However, over the past time, the Korean eyewear industry has seen the appearance of various "cool" fashion eyewear brands that are not only loved by a large number of young people here but they also sell products at much cheaper prices. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce to you top 10 Korean eyewear brands you should check out. 


1. Gentle Monster 젠틀몬스터

Photo Credit: gentlemonster 

Since it started to create a trend thanks to the sunglasses worn by Jun Ji Hyun in the drama "You came from the star", Gentle Monster has now become one of the most popular eyewear brands in Korea and also all over Asia. 

Gentle Monster's eyewear models are said to have sophisticated designs, creating the effect of a smaller face, while still being "luxurious" enough not to be inferior to any other famous eyewear brand. 

Although Gentle Monster's glasses are priced slightly higher than other brands in Asia. However, when compared to high-end brands like Dior or Saint Laurent, the glasses are both beautiful and luxurious. Gentle Monster glasses are cost-effective considering its products' quality (from 200,000 won to 400,000 won).

Gentle Monster's glasses have a beauty that is both rebellious and charming so it is not strange that this brand is increasingly favored by women.



2. Fake Me 페이크미 

Photo Credit: fakeme_official 

Fake Me is an eyewear brand that has just launched recently. Compared to Gentle Monster and other eyewear brands, Fake Me is still "young". However, eyeglasses from this fashion company still created a wave in the Korean fashion community. Seeing around the Instagram pages of Asian youth, it is not difficult to notice the wide coverage of Fake Me glasses.

One of the points that makes Fake Me attract fashion followers lies in the design, fashion and multi-application of the eyewear models from this brand. 

It's easy to see, even just released for about 4 years, Fake Me has learned a lot from trends in the world. Of course, the company will also add a few details to create a unique highlight for Fake Me's glasses. Fake Me is priced in the mid-range segment: from 150,000 won to 200,000 won.

Fake Me's most popular glasses at the moment are B35, B45 and Lemming Merged. In particular, the "hottest" is the B35 with a round metal frame. 



3. Stealer 스틸러 

Photo Credit: stealereyewear 

Stealer is also a Korean eyewear brand that was recently launched. Despite this fact, Stealer glasses make young people impressed with unique thin-frame models being both beautiful and classic.

Stealer aims to design elegant, luxurious, and high-class, but still youthful and vibrant glasses. Stealer glasses are considered to be made of a good material, have a flexible frame and not easy to break. They also have high UV resistance, good protection for the eyes. In addition, the stylish design is also one of the factors that makes Stealer receive the favor of fashion followers. 

Stealer has two bright candidates for the most wanted eyewear to young Koreans, Horizon and Raavi. 



4. Carin 카린

Photo Credit: caringlasses_official 

If Gentle Monster is famous for bold and rebellious eyewear, Carin is focuses on elegant, sophisticated glasses for women.

Carin is a major eyewear brand in Korea and in Asia. Since choosing the talented Korean actress Suzy as its model, Carin has been more welcomed and favored by women. Many opinions suggest that because Suzy herself exudes the elegance that this fashion brand is aiming towards.

Now, high quality eyewears from Carin are sold at very affordable prices (from 75,000 to 200,000 won). This brand is continuously updating trends and developing eyewear designs based on the image of elegant, modern women yet till retaining its classic features. Therefore, Carin has become a familiar and reliable eyewear brand for young Asians.



5. grafik:plastic 그라픽플라스틱 

Photo Credit: grafik_plastic 

Another Korean eyewear brand that you should check out is grafik:plastic. This unique name offers colorful eyewear at affordable prices. Especially this brand's glasses have multi-removable parts making it easy to "mix & match". For example, there are products with interchangeable arms. grafik:plastic's designs are not too "fashionable" and they hire very ordinary people to represent the brand. grafik:plastic is currently expanding its retail system worldwide and exhibiting its eyewear at fairs in New York.



6. Caliphash 칼리프애쉬 

Photo Credit: caliphash_official 

CALIPHASH is a brand that pursues the beauty of darkness and a sense that transcends boundaries. It expresses its own sense with ingenuity that does not follow trends, and presents a new direction every season through the unique mix without boundaries between mainstream and non-mainstream glasses. 

Founded in 2019, glasses from CALIPHASH are still used by many Korean celebrities, including Haha from Running Man and Jessi, a famous Korean female rapper. 

You can buy various types of glasses and sunglasses from CALIPHASH at different prices, from 60,000 won to 400,000 won. 



7. Muzik Eyewear 뮤지크 아이웨어 

Photo Credit: muzikeyewear 

Muzik Eyewear was born from the idea that music is an unlimited tool for sharing numerous ideas and stories. True to its slogan "No muzik, No life", this eyewear brand is constantly challenging itself to create new designs with the aim of making eyewear products that can be a part of daily life. You will see that sunglasses and glasses from Muzik Eyewear are both simple in style yet still have their own unique features regarding pastel colours and strange shapes. 

Two famous models for this brand are two Kpop stars Hyun Ah and her boyfriend Edawn. Thanks to them, this brand is becoming more and more popular to Korean young people. A pair of Muzik glasses is about 220,000 won to 320,000 won. 



8. Pez Verde 페즈 베르데 

Photo Credit: pezverde_eyewear 

Pez Verde means green fish in Spanish for pez (fish) + verde (green). The brand describes itself as a simple and modern reinterpretation of the classic European design based on the structural and functional aspects of glasses. The green sensibility is interpreted as balance, harmony, newness, youth, and vitality, and Per Verde intends to incorporate all of these characteristics into each design. The prices of Pez Verde sunglasses and glasses range from 130,000 won to 255,000 won. 


  • Address: 8F Seojo-Building, 251 Hangang-Daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Website: 

  • Phone number: . 02) 2666-0540/0541 


9. TRUTHeyewear 트루스아이웨어

Photo Credit: truth_eyewear 

TRUTHeyewear is a brand founded by Anysee,

an eyewear manufacturer that has been producing eyeglass frames for about 50 years. It is a brand that is favored by all age groups because of its excellent quality and good service. The most important thing is its eyeglass designs which have both individuality and practicality.

TRUTH glasses are based on "the truth" and they go beyond the simple use of eyewear. They become the eyes of the customers and emphasize the mindset of providing "true" or "real" glasses. The brand slogan is "inspire sensibility". 

Not only the sunglasses, but also the frames of the glasses from this brand are very well-designed. With the classic and retro motif, TRUTHeyewear's designs stand out for its mixture of modern and classical beauty. 

It is a unique eyewear that contains artistic sensibility and fashion by leading

the trend through various collaborations. However, TRUTHeyewear still prioritizes the comfortable feeling of customers with the users of high quality materials. They often sell their products at 179,000 won, 199,000 won or 219,000 won. 



10. Manomos 마노모스

Photo Credit: manomos.official 

MANOMOS is a compound word of mano ('hand' in Spanish) and the muse of six (6 types of experience/inspiration). This brand pursues comfort, perfection of style, practicality, solidity, specialness, and pleasure. It is a brand that wants to be a medium to deliver various experiences and inspirations in customers' life by combining contemporary and handcrafted classic sensibility in a modern way. 

MANOMOS became more popular to foreign eyewear fans thanks to V, a member of the famous group BTS. He wore the Cavern C1 glass from this brand which is sold at 198,000 won. Many other bestseller models of MANOMOS  like George, Button, Sally are also priced 198,000 won or 218,000 won.