The Best Backless Bras and Boob Tapes, According to Lingerie Experts

22 Feb.,2023


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You can create your own custom “bra” with the help of tape. We’ve all been tempted to use duct tape (maybe you have — no judgement), but products exist that are actually designed to use on skin. “We’re selling a lot of two different products,” says Kaplan. “One is Booby Tape, which comes on a roll, which is a much better option than duct tape, and it comes in two different skin tones and that’s good for any cup size up to a double D.” In addition to a brown and nude, it also comes in black and white, and Killpack says it really can “fit all breast shapes and sizes,” because of how customizable it is. “Booby Tape comes with instructions about all the different ways that you can tape the breasts,” says Kaplan. “You can do it on the side to give a little bit more push inward for some cleavage. You can do it underneath to create a kind of a balcony effect. There’s also a million videos and pictures on how to use it.” She even says that some of her customers with very heavy breasts will wear tape in addition to a strapless bra for added lift. Strategist writer Jenna Milliner-Waddell is also a fan and thinks it’s super easy to use and says it stays on throughout the day no matter how hot it is. She, like Kaplan, recommends wearing something over your nipples underneath the tape though. “Anytime you’re going to use something with an adhesive I would suggest covering your nipples,” says Kaplan. “They’re very sensitive and the adhesives, while they’re medical grade, could be a little bit aggressive when you’re taking it off.”

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