KoRo Ireland

27 Apr.,2023


According to these criteria we have selected the comparison products:

Country of origin: Chile

The best known area of origin for walnuts is probably California, but nuts from other areas also play a role on the world market. The KoRo product and the comparison products come from Chile.

Processing method: Handcracked

There are two methods for processing. The conventional way is machine cracking. Here, the nuts are passed over rotating hoppers and the shell is rubbed off under pressure. Unfortunately, this also causes nut halves to break apart and the thin nut skin to be abraded. This has a negative effect on the taste and shelf life of the nuts. The fat on the open parts of the nut reacts with the air and the nuts become rancid more quickly. Particularly high-quality walnuts are therefore cracked by hand. This gentler method preserves more intact nut kernels.

The product research was conducted on 05.02.2020. The prices were all collected on the same day to achieve the best possible comparability.

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